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Gluten-Free Beanies

1 yr, 4 m ago in Blog
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We are getting asked more & more often for details of gluten free products to be listed on the website.

There is a lot of stuff we stock that is naturally gluten free or isn’t overtly labelled as gluten free, even though it is, so trying to create an all-inclusive list is just not practical. There are also allergen issues as some products are not guaranteed gluten free as they are not packed in an entirely gluten free environment – a potential issue for celiacs but not gluten free dieters.

So instead, to give a flavour of what we have available, here is a general summary of what we stock that is gluten free:

Cereals (including porridge){image _1}Doves Farm Gluten free cereals  id=
• Flour – bread flour, plain flour, self-raising etc as well as all sorts of alternatives, such as potato flour, maize flour, rice flour & more.Dove's Farm Gluten Free Flour mixes  id=Gram flour and Rice Flour from Dove's Farm  id=
• Chocolate brownies
• Biscuits and crackersDove'f Farm Lemon Cookies  id=
• Pies
• Grains
• SnacksPopcorn - properly made!  id=Hummus and Lentil Chips  id=Amaizin Corn chips - natural and Paprika flavours  id=
• Savoury spreads

…and all the usual stuff that is naturally gluten free, like lovely fruit & veg, great chocolate & a variety of sweet things, dairy products and veggie & vegan alternatives.



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