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Veg Box News - 26th - 29th May, 2017

Gemmaby Gemma, 4 m ago in Blog
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While Chris, the Keeper of the Blog, is off on his jolly's i'm standing in as a poor sub so i'm afraid its just the basics this time! Chris will be back in his throne next week.

So then;


Potatoes 1kg

Carrots 500g

Onion 400g

Broccoli 400g



Ramiro pepper pack


B's will get Celery instead of Potatoes

D's will get 800g old Potatoes (instead of 1kg in the A box) plus 800g New Potatoes and 400g Tomatoes

E's will get Celery and 400g Tomatoes

L's and M's will get the above additions and a Salad Bag


G's will get

New Potatoes 800g

Carrots 500g

The best UK onion substitute available (yet to be fully determined, but probably either Leeks, Spring Onions or new season Onions!)

Spring Cabbage instead of Broccoli

400g Courgettes instead of Aubergine 

400g Tomatoes 

And a bunch of Asparagus.



Gala Apples 600g

Bananas 600g

Forelle Pears (suppliers say they're very special!)



A punnet of Spanish Blueberries (rarely available at K box budget price!)


Q's will also get 500g Valenica Oranges


(Hopefully I have a basic enough grasp of the technology to make this appear on the blog...finger crossed!)


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