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Veg Box News 1st - 4th August, 2017

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One or two little comments to make about next week’s boxes.
You will see listed ‘Matt’s Surprise’...

Matt’s Surprise

As you know, Matt – erstwhile Bean and now foremost Sheffield Organic Grower – provides many lines for our boxes during the course of the summer. We are able to get the freshest of produce from him and it travels only the couple of miles from his field off Bochum Parkway. It is why box schemes were set up in the first place – to allow small producers an easy and regular outlet for their produce. However in peak season such as now, Matt does sometimes find it hard to predict just when each crop will be at its zenith of perfection – so this week there is a hole in the boxes which Matt will fill and the most likely things with which he will fill it are…
Courgettes, French or Flat Beans and Cucumbers…

Oak Smoked Tomatoes

Also this week as a slight departure from our usual practice of only putting fresh vegetables in the boxes, we are including (in the extra large boxes only – ie L’s and M’s) a portion of Organic Oak Smoked Tomatoes from the wonderful Isle Of White Tomato Growers.Isle Of White Oak Smoked Tomatoes in Olive Oil  id=
This is very much a trial and won’t be a regular occurrence – but we would like feedback from you whether or not you actually receive them yourself. If you don’t would you be interested in such lines in future.

These tomatoes are a chilled product so we will be transporting them in a chiller box in the vans and they will be placed into the relevant boxes only on delivery to your door.
We will also have some available in the shop so if you are not in line to receive them this week you would be very welcome to ask for a pack as an additional item alongside your delivery. They will be retailing around £3.25 for a 200g pack. Just give us a ring and we’ll get them out to you (subject of course to availability).

Here are the lists for next week, barring last minute substitutions:


  • Potatoes 800g
  • Carrots 600g
  • Onions 500g
  • Bag of spinach
  • Cauliflower
  • Tomatoes
  • ‘Matt’s Surprise’ – see above!

B’s will get a Lettuce in place of the potatoes.
D’s will get a further 500g Potatoes and a portion of Red Cabbage
E’s will also get the Red Cabbage and the Lettuce
L’s and M’s will get the above additions and a pack of the Oak Smoked Tomatoes


  • Bananas 600g
  • Apples 600g
  • Pears 500g
  • Peaches x 3
  • Kiwis

Q’s will also receive a portion of Grapes


You will have spotted that we sometimes use plastic punnets to afford some of the softer lines a little protection in the boxes - tomatoes, mushrooms, apricots, grapes and other lines find rubbing up against potatoes and oranges a little wearing!  We have always been very happy to receive these punnets back to reuse them.  So thank you if you have been doing that.

We are currently sourcing a supply of pressed paper pulp punnets to allow for greater alliteration in the ... sorry, greater recyclability!  We're still very pleased to have them back if they're in good condition.  But if you judge them to have reached their natural 'termination date' don't hesitate to pop them in your blue cardboard recycling bin.

And finally...

Just a reminder - Summer rain is just as wet as winter rain - and both have a pretty devastating effect on our cardboard veg boxes.  Even after they have dried out they have lost all structural integrity.  So it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave your empties undercover or in a bin bag if the forecast is wet.  It keeps both our financial and the wider environmental costs down.

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