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Box News 14th-17th July

Gemmaby Gemma, 4 yr, 4 m ago in Blog
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Here's the theory for the boxes this week (do not quote me on it however):

A's will have 800g potatoes, 400g carrots, 300g onions, some UK fennel (oooo!), a pointy cabbage tomatoes and a pepper (think sunshine in the Med)

B's and UKs get some of Matts lovely courgettes (though courgettes may morph into matts cucumbers later in the week if he runs short...)

D's have 500g extra potatoes and some spinach beet

E's have courgettes spinach and a mini cucumber

L&M get lettuce and some herbs or kale & herbs on thursday/friday.

K's have bananas, apples oranges, flat peach, mango and a lime

Q's have the first UK organic cherries we've had tues/wed and 1/2 watermelon thurs/friday

Let's see how this one plays out!
(Written by Gemma ghostwriting for Chris)

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