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Chrisby Chris, 9 yr, 7 m ago in Blog
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A potential customer recently contacted us through the website to ask a few questions about the delivery scheme.  As the website wasn't quite giving her enough information I thought I would post my reply here in case others have similar queries..

"Hi L***

Thanks for your enquiry - I'll do my best to answer your questions!

I was just wondering if a loaf of bread could be included & maybe eggs within a box?
We would not put these in the boxes themselves but of course they can be added to your delivery as a weekly standing order or you can phone up with any one-off additions that you would like. (We generally need a day's notice for changes to orders but we do try to meet any reasonable requests right up to the last minute!)

Is there anything else that could be included? (Juice / milk?)
Yes to both - in fact you can add anything we sell in the shop . There is currently no stock list on the website but this should be being remedied in the next few weeks.

Is it possible to order as & when, different boxes maybe once / twice a month? Or do you have to specify which box and have it once a week?
Many customers have a varying pattern of boxes - some have different boxes on alternate weeks - some have a fortnightly fruit box in addition to their weekly veg box. We will try to accommodate whatever pattern suits you best. It obviously works best for us when customers have a regular repeating order but just give us a phone call or email a couple of days in advance and we can tailor what you are getting that week. And of course if you are away on holiday again just contact us and we'll hold deliveries until you get back.

Which times do you deliver to S2 on Tues / Thurs? (I am usually in from 6pm.)
I'm afraid I can't give you a precise time at the moment - I'd need to check with the driver as some of the rounds have been rearranged recently.  But I'll look into it and get back to you.   We tend not to give firm delivery times as things can vary quite considerably from week to week depending on when produce arrives at the shop. What we can do, though, is arrange a safe place with you for the delivery to be left if you are not in. I would say we are generally delivering during the day rather than in the evening.

I hope this answers your questions. If you have any more don't hesitate to get in

Chris Baldwin" 

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