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Organic Boxes 16th - 20th February, 2015

Chrisby Chris, 5 yr ago in Blog
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Things are changing a little at the shop and as Matt, who has been ordering the organic veg since Noah sailed on the Flood, has been concentrating on his growing, he has handed the ordering of organic fruit and veg for both the shop and the boxes over to Mark and Gemma. So far so good!  Lots of UK grown produce available this week.

So Mark has put the recipe for next week's boxes together and if all goes according to plan then this is what you'll be getting:Mark's been working it out...  id=

A and G boxes - approx 1.2 kg Potatoes, Carrots, Onions as usual. Also a Cabbage, Leeks, Parsnips and a pot of mushrooms

B boxes - as above but with a bag of tomatoes to replace the potatoes

D boxes - as above with approx 2kg potatoes, a pepper, a garlic bulb, and a lettuce but no mushrooms.

E boxes - as D boxes but with tomatoes and red onions replacing the potatoes


Please note that the price of boxes will be increasing by £1.00 across the board from the 1st, March. We haven't raised prices since 2012 and there have been significant increases in fuel and other costs so this increase will go some way to meet those costs but should also give Mark a little extra to play with in planning the boxes. We hope you still agree that the boxes represent excellent value for money

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