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Organic boxes 18th - 21st March

Matt in the veg roomby Matt in the veg room, 5 yr, 8 m ago in Blog
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UK Purple Sprouting now in full season  id=The purple sprouting broccoli is growing well in the spring sunshine so we're having another load this week. The leeks are from the same farm in the Vale of York, and the swedes and carrots are from Herefordshire. All the stored winter root crops are starting to deteriorate in quality now, and you'll notice sprouts appearing on the potatoes. They're still fine to eat unless they're going soft and spongy as well, but we wouldn't recommend buying sacks of potatoes at this stage of the year.

A box (standard veg) Potatoes (white 'Milva', particularly good for boiling or red 'Rudolf'), carots, Dutch onions, Yorkshire purple sprouting broccoli and leeks, swede, Spanish courgettes or French lettuce on Thursday and Friday.

B box (standard veg no potatoes) As for A with pepper instead of potatoes.

D box (large veg) As for A with extra potatoes and cherry tomatoes.

E box (large veg no potatoes) As for D with extra mushrooms.

K box (standard fruit) English Braeburn or French Goldrush apples. Italian oranges and kiwis, Spanish avocados, Argentinian pears and Fairtrade bananas.UK Braeburn - we're using the last few boxes now...   id=

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