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Organic veg boxes 29th April - 1st May

Mattby Matt, 5 yr, 5 m ago in Blog
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This is a tricky time of year for produce as all the staples are getting scarce.  From this week we'll be buying mainly new season carrots from Italy and Spain to replace last years UK grown ones. Most of the other 'roots' are finishing now too and it'll be late summer before we see them again. We still have a few UK grown old potatoes, but new season ones are arriving from the continent and we'll expect to see Cornish earlies in about 3 week's time. When we use the more expensive new season produce the potions will a bit meaner than usual. On a more positive note we have more Spring goodies arriving from the local area, heralded by asparagus bunches from the Vale of York.

A box (standard veg) UK potatoes, UK or Spanish carrots, Dutch or UK onions, Yorkshire asparagus, radishes, cucumber and white cabbage (Lancashire pak choi and Spanish pepper and courgettes on Thursday and Friday).

B box (standard veg no potatoes) Pepper instead of potatoes (or aubergine on Thursday and Friday).

D box (large veg) As for A with extra potatoes and cherry tomatoes.

E box (large veg no potatoes) As for D with butternut squash.

K box  (standard fruit) KIwis, grapefruit, apples, 1/2 pineapple, oranges, fairtrade bananas.

Q box (large fruit) As for k with lemon and mango.

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