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This week’s organic boxes ... 13th - 16th January

Mattby Matt, 5 yr ago in Blog
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id=Jerusalem artichokes are a steady seller in the shop these days and this seems a good time of year to try them out in the boxes. If you've not tried them before they roast nicely with other roots, but the most straightforward way of using them is in soups. The flavour is quite earthy and distinctive, lacking some of the sweetness of some stored roots like carrots and parsnips, but wintry and appealing nonetheless. This batch is from Lincolnshire. If you'd like a recipe, go to the home page on our website, click on 'recipes' and type 'jerusalem artichokes' into the search box. Potato of the week is Maris Piper; It's floury soft texture makes it best for roasting, chipping, mashing and baking.

A box (standard veg) Maris piper potatoes, carrots, onions, Yorksire leeks and Savoy cabbage, Jerusalem artichokes and Spanish fennel.

B box (standard veg no potatoes) As above but with tomatoes instead of potatoes.

D box (large veg) As for A with extra potatoes , Spanish pepper and aubergine.

E box (large veg no potatoes) As for D with extra French lettuce.

K box (standard fruit) English apples and pears, Spanish oranges, lemon and avocados. Fairtrade bananas.

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