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Veg Box News 11th - 14th October, 2016

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Apologies for the lateness of this post – especially to Tuesday customers who have already received their boxes!


Potatoes 1kg
Carrots 500g
Onions 500g
Spring Greens
BroccoliBroccoli  id=
Leeks 500g

B's will get some Golden Beetroot in place of the potatoes
D's will get a further 800g Potatoes and a Radicchio
E's will get the Golden Beetroot and some Mushrooms
L's and M's will get the above additions and a bag of Spinach or Kale depending on availability.


Bananas 600g
Apples 600g
Pears 800g
Grapes 300g

Q's will also get Bramley cooking apples or a Mango 

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