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Veg Box News 12th - 15th May

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Look Salad bags in the boxes - great to see some fresh new season salad leaves at last.

Here is the full list of box menus for next week with all the usual caveats regarding last minute changes etc (see below)


A -

  • Potatoes 1.2kg
  • Carrots 0.6kg
  • Onions 0.5kg
  • Salad bag
  • Cauliflowers - try that roasting them thing in Recipes - it's my favourite!  id=Cauliflower
  • Beetroot
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes 0.4kg

B's will have red peppers in polace of the potatoes

D's will have extra potatoes and a sweet potato

E's will also have a red and a green pepper

L's and M's will have courgettes and mushrooms as additions


Fruit boxes will have the usual range and we've taken some very good rhubarb too for some of the boxes this week - we know it is a vegetable but it seems to suit fruit boxes better (although it is physically a bit too long!)

New Potatoes

Some people noticed that I had posted that there would be new potatoes in the D boxes last week.  There were to be but then they didn't arrive after all so a substituion had to be made.  That is the drawback of trying to post the menu in advance - last minute changes do have to be made from time to time owing to supply problems or issues with the produce when it arrives.  As I am sure you are aware a lot of our produce comes from suppliers who simply send us a list of available lines from which we have to make a selection.  Unlike the wholesale market on the Parkway we dson't get a chance to check the produce before we buy and so sometimes things are sent that do not meet out standard.

Mark who makes the boxes, assures me that there will be new potatoes coming soon but they are still rather pricey at the moment so are not generally suitable.  We have them available for customers in the shop so if you would like some added to your delivery as a side order just let us know in the usual way.

Join our Mailing List

As I think I mentioned in a news update previously, we are beginning to think about the fact that we are gfoing to be thirty next year.  We feel this is something of an achievement and are taking the opportunity to blow our own trumpet a little.  We have already launched our Design a T-shirt/Bag competition so do have a go at that if you're feeling a little creative.  We would also like to start an email list for those customers who would like to be kep[t informed about all things Beanies but particularly news about events in our celebratory year.  If you would like to receive regular updates from us straight to your inbox them send us a message using the Contact form on this website and we'll add your email address to our list.  We promise we will never pass your details on to a third party and rest assured you can remove yourself from our list anytime by just dropping us an email requesting it.  We won't be bombarding you with stuff either.

We will also be looking out (as we always are) for recipe ideas from you - any favourite recipes that you might like to share with us through the website and possible in other ways... We love to receive your recipes at anytime expecially for those veg and fruit items that are in season, so just jot them in an email or even just on a slip of paper and let us have them.  If you ahve any photos to share too that would be great!

Introduce a friend

Our vegetable box scheme obviously relies on you customers wanting it and in recent years there has been something of a drop generally in the sale of organic vegetables and fruit.  We will soon be offering our Introduce a Friend scheme in order to initiate some new customers into the joys of a weekly delivery - we haven't quite sorted out how it will work so keep your eyes open for details on here and in your box and have a think if there's someone you know who might be interested in taking advantage of a special offer.  There will be a reward for you too!

Observer Food AwardsObserver Food Monthly Awards  id=

Finally don't forget that you can vote for us in the Observer Food Monthly Awards in the Best Independent Retailer category we are "Beanies Wholefoods" in the "North" - sounds obvious but there is some confusion in where there boundaries lie!  We would be very grateful

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