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Veg Box News: 16th - 19th June, 2015

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Firstly, apologies for lateness of posting again!  The weekend sometimes just gets in the way of work time fun!

Secondly, apologies to those customers who were disappointed that they did not receive asparagus in their boxes last week as forecast.  There is always a risk when publishing the recipe too early that unforeseen changes will have to be made at the last minute.  And this is what happened last week.  Organic Pantry one of our main regional suppliers was unable to fulfill our order for asparagus having been let down themselves further up the distribution chain.  So apologies again.  The season is still continuing so we hope we might be able to get enough asparagus at some point over the next few weeks to get some out to you.

Here's the listing for this week:


  • Pots - Lady Chrystl 700g
  • Carrots 400g
  • Onions 300g
  • Cucumber (Tues/Weds)
  • or Celery (Thurs/Fri)
  • Pak Choi
  • Red Pepper
  • Courgettes 400g

B's will have a lettuce to replace the potatoes

D's will have more potatoes and a bunch of asparagus (Tues/Weds) or a head of broccoli (Thurs/Fri)

E's will have a lettuce and asparagus or broccoli as above

L's and M's will have a bunch of UK spring onions and a green pepper.

Uk New Season Onions  id=G box customers will get a bunch of new season UK onions in their boxes, a lettuce in place of the cucumber, and some UK tomatoes in place of the Spanish Red Pepper.

We're hoping to take delivery of some locally grown strawberries mid week, so all being well Q box customers will get to try them.

Don't forget - if there is a specific line of fruit or vegetable that you would like to receive every week we are very happy to arrange a "If Not In Box" type standing order for you, so if, for example you know you would like a head of broccoli each week then give us a ring - we will add one on to your order whenever it does not appear in the box... and obviously if it's in the box we won't bring you extra.  Does that make sense?  It does in my head - but that's not necessarily a good guide!Have broccoli every week if you like!  id=


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