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Veg Box News 21st-25th January 2019

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Veg Box News

We are now entering a challenging time of year for the box scheme known colloquially as "The Hungry Gap". With stores of UK produce quickly depleting, the knock on effects from the long hot summer combined with a cold snap in Europe means availability of certain produce is starting to get limited. We won't even mention the dreaded B word but this is also likely to have an effect on imported produce going forward.
We will do our very best to keep the boxes varied during this time but in order to offer you the best value for your money we may have to replicate certain items and stick to UK veg where possible.

If you have any issues at all with the content or quality of produce in your box please get in touch asap and we will do our best to resolve any problems.

A (T Box contents in brackets)

Potatoes-Picasso 1.2kg (800g)
Onions 400g (300g)
Carrots 400g (300g)
Tundra Cabbage (smaller portion or Savoy)
Leeks 600g (400g)
Parsnips 600g (400g)
Sweet Potatoes 600g (400g)

(plus 4 portions of fruit)

B's will get Pointy Peppers 200g in place of the potatoes
G's are the same as A boxes apart from the Sweet Potato will be replaced with a Winter Sweet Squash.
D's will get a further 600g potatoes and Beetroot 600g
E's will get Pointy Peppers 200g and Purple Sprouting Broccoli 400g
L's and M's will get these additions plus Chard or a Mini Cucumber and a bulb of Garlic

Apples- Spartan 700g
Bananas 700g
Conference Pears 700g
Clementines 500g
A Mango
A Grapefruit or 2 Lemons

Q's will also get Grapes 300g

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