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Veg Box News 21st -24th, February 2017

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Well put out the flags!!
Prices of Spanish produce have finally come down so in celebration of that fact, and to give us all a change from the diet of roots we’ve all been enjoying, this week there are courgettes and aubergines in all the boxes – except of course the G (UK Only) boxes.


Potatoes – Rudolf 1kg
Carrots 500g
Onions 600g
A Bag of Purple Sprouting BroccoliPurple Sprouting Broccoli  id=
Beetroot 600g
The elusive Spanish courgettes makes an appearance!  id=Courgettes x 2
Aubergines 400g

B’s will get A bag of Tomatoes (400g)
D’s will get an additional 800g Potatoes and a Lettuce
E’s will get the Lettuce and larger portion of Tomatoes (500g)
L’s and M’s will get those additions and a Red and a Green Pepper
G’s will have Red Cabbage and Leeks 600g as substitutes for the Courgettes and Aubergines

Apples 600g
Clementines 500g
A Grapefruit
A Lemon
A Mango
Oranges 600g

Q’s will also receive a bunch of Bananas

Fruit box customers will notice that Bananas haven’t been appearing in the boxes for the last couple of weeks. This is largely due to the fact that they are coming to us very green at the moment and under the colder conditions they are not ripening properly. We’re hoping to find enough this week in reasonable state of readiness to put some in the Q boxes.
If you are a ‘I must have my bananas regardless of the colour’ customer do feel free to set up an IF NOT IN BOX type standing order.

Seed PotatoesOrganic Seed Potatoes  id=

These have now arrived and there is a full listing of the varieties available here.

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