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Veg Box News 21st - 24th July, 2015

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Again it was another difficult week for produce last week so apologies to anyone who was expecting something that didn't arrive.  We are also aware that there were one or two quality issues with produce when it arrived.  We tried to make sure nothing substandard went out but if something did get through which you consider to be below our usual standards then do contact us.  

The Greenhouse Effect

greenhouses are not environmentally-friendly to vegetables once they are harvested!  id=We often find in the summer months, although there is no shortage of produce, weather conditions can really affect the keeping quality - hot sun is not kind to soft leaves.  If you are one of our customers who has an arrangement for the box to be left outside or in your conservatory or greenhouse it might be worth coming up with some sort of shady alternative during these few short weeks of heat.  Conservatories and greenhouses are of course designed to keep the heat in and veg can suffer very quickly under these conditions.


The boxes this coming week look like this:

A -

  • Potatoes 800g
  • Carrots 400g
  • Onions 300g
  • Courgettes 500g or Mini CucumbersMatt has been producing some fine and decorative courgettes again this year...  id=
  • Butternut Squash
  • Broccoli 400g
  • A Punnet of Cherry Tomatoes

B's will get an Aubergine to replace the potatoes

D's will have extra Potatoes 500g and a lettuce

E's will get the Lettuce, an Aubergine and a bulb of garlic

L's and M's will also get Chicory 300g and a Yellow Pepper


Cheesy Aubergine Bites

If I have an aubergine gently softening in the bottom of the fridge I occasionally do this rather decadent thing which I found in a book of tapas recipes:

  1. Slice the Aubergine into thin slices no more than 0.5cm thick
  2. Take some slices of melty cheese (or vegan alternative) of your choice.  Emmental is good, or hard Mozzarella although the fresh kind is too difficult to handle.  Or a nice tasty cheddar...
  3. Sandwich the cheese in between two slices of aubergine
  4. Dip the Aubergine sandwich into beaten egg and then seasoned flour. (What could you use instead of egg as the adhesive?  Answers on a vegetable please...)
  5. Fry in olive oil until golden brown - just a minute or two each side.  
  6. Eat immediately.  Or more likely feed to hungry mouths waiting nearby.
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