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Veg Box News 31st May - 3rd June, 2016

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You will have become aware that we have replaced the old last season onions with fresh bunched locally grown onions. They are a little milder than the stored varieties but will stand up well chopped and added to salads but do try cooking with them too. The greens stems can also be finely chopped and used as a garnish or tossed in as a final ingredient in a stirfry.

Here are the Box menus with just my usual Bank Holiday pre-apology anticipating interruptions to some supplies which may lead to unavoidable changes to the boxes next week.

A Box

Pots 1.2kg
Carrots 500g
Bunch UK OnionsBunches of New Season English Onions  id=
Bag of Spinach or Chard
Aubergine 500g
Pointy Peppers 300g
Salad Pack

B’s will get a cucumber in place of the potatoes
D’s will get a further portion of New Potatoes and Some Cherry Tomatoes
E’s will get the Cucumber and a Pepper
L’s and M’s will get these additions and a pot of mushrooms.

Apples 700g
Bananas 600g
Orange 700g
WatermelonRefreshing Spanish Watermelon  id=

Q’s will also get Avocados 300g and a Grapefruit.

Observer Food Monthly Awards

To us it seems like only a few days ago that we were celebrating our success in the Observer Food Monthly Awards – success which was down to you voting for us! Well it’s that time of year again when the Observer Food Monthly Magazine asks for voters to nominate their favourites. If you would like to vote for us we would be delighted.

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