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Veg Box News: 4th - 7th August, 2015

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New Window in place  id=At last!  We can see in the Veg Room again!  What a difference - we really appreciate the space, too. Local contractors Crookes and Sons fitting our new window  id=So thanks to Crookes and Sons for doing a great job and now we are gathering quotes from painters and decorators... and trying to decide on a colour scheme, which, as a co-operative, can take a good deal of negotiation!

Room to move again  id=

 Meanwhile here is next week's box recipe:


  • Potatoes 800g
  • Carrots 500g
  • Onions 500g
  • A bag of Kale
  • a bunch of Beetroot (Tuesday/Wednesday)
  • or Tomatoes 400g (Thursday/Friday)
  • Courgettes 400g or mini CucumbersCourgettes from Sheffield Organic Growers  id=
  • Broad Beans

B Tuesday and Wednesday customers will get get a bag of tomatoes, while Thursday and Friday people will get courgettes AND cucumbers

D customers will have a further 400g Potatoes a head or two of Broccoli depending on size (approx 400g) and a bunch or Parsley

E will get B's additions and the Broccoli and Parsley

L and M boxes will also get a Kohl Rabi and a lettuce

Wonderful local Organic Vegetables  id=Our Veg Boxes

We have recently been thinking that we don't blow our own trumpet loud enough sometimes (we suddenly realised we don't even have a sign up about our Box Scheme in the shop!)  We've been sneaking a look at our competitors Abel and Cole offer a Small veg box at £10.50 but this only contains 6 varieties compared with our 8.  And their Large fruit box which contains 5 varieties of fruit is £12.00 and is equivalent to our standard K box at £10.50 box. So for two boxes you would be paying £22.50 with Abel and Cole while we - offering a multiple box discount of £1.50 per extra box -  would only charge £19.50 which represents a saving of £156 over the year.  

Plus you have the pleasure of knowing that much of the veg in our boxes is locally produced in and around Sheffield and North Yorkshire.

So maybe you could help us to get the word out about our boxes and help us to help our local growers...  

Introduce a Friend ....and Get a Free Box yourself

As a little incentive over the next few weeks we are running an Introduce a Friend scheme.  Look out in your box for a little form for you to give to your friend to invite them to have a delivery.  Fill in your details (as the Introducer) and get your friend to fill in theirs and send the form back to us.  Then when your friend has taken receipt of and paid for four weeks deliveries both of you will get a free box.  And if you need more forms just let us know...

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