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Veg Box News 5th - 8th April, 2016

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It’s been lovely to be able to put some beautifully tender-stemmed Purple Sprouting BroccoliLovely purple sprouting broccoli  id= in the boxes for a couple of weeks. It’s one of those seasonal vegetables that we really like to make the most of. Also featuring this week is a pointed cabbage, smooth leaved and succulent ideal shredded into a stir-fry or very lightly steamed. Could be great as a fermented pickle if you are interested in fermented foods…. There’s a great page here to help you get started.

The potatoes this week and last are Triplo which is a new variety to us. We have been sold them as good all-rounders. Mark tried some last week and found they boiled well, so until we hear otherwise we’ll assume they are indeed good all-rounders! Let us know if you think otherwise.

There is not a huge variety of fruit for the Fruit boxes at the moment so the same things are tending to appear quite frequently. This week’s apple is Braeburn. The European apples are all from stored stock now and it’ll be a couple more week’s before the southern hemisphere varieties arrive (by ship!) and reach an affordable price for the boxes. Bear with us! You do get half a pineapple though this week and the avocadoes which have been amazingly good this year reappear in the Q’s.

A box

  • Pots 1.2kg (Triplo)
  • Carrots 600g
  • Onions 500g
  • A bag of Purple Sprouting Broccoli 300g approx
  • A Pointed Cabbage Tender leaved pointed cabbage  id=
  • Courgettes 500g
  • On Tues A Cucumber
  • On Thurs A Red Pepper

B’s will get a Pot of Cherry Tomatoes instead of Potatoes
D’s will get 800g more Potatoes and a French Batavia Lettuce
E’s will get the Pot of Tomatoes, a Lettuce and a Cucumber or Red Pepper
L’s and M’s will get the above additions and Sweet Potatoes 500g


  • Bananas 600g
  • Apples (Braeburn) 700g
  • Oranges 600g
  • Pears 500g
  • Clementines 500g
  • Half a Pineapple

Q’s will also get some Kiwis and Avocadoes

Seed Potatoes

Just a reminder that it’s not too late to buy seed potatoes. We still have stock down in the cellar merrily chitting away.

Side Orders

Also don’t forget that you can have anything* we sell in the shop added to your delivery as a side order either as a one-off or as a standing order that we will bring every week.  Bread, milk, eggs, or any of our extensive wholefood lines.  Check out the Stocklist on our Stocklist page - obviously - for the full range of products available.  You'll also find a list of Organic Fruit and Veg Prices on that page.  This gets updated monthly.

*Except frozen


Beanies 30th Birthday Picnic

I have already mentioned this date for your diary - 30th May, 2016.  Beanies will be having a Birthday celebration on the Ponderosa on the Bank Holiday weekend and we would love you to come and join us.  Bring a picnic and help us celebrate 30 years trading and 21 years as an organically certified Green grocer.

To assist in the celebration we are looking to find some deck chairs or camping chairs!  If you have any that we could have, do please get in touch - we're happy to collect!  We are hoping to gather enough together that can then be used as a community resource which would be stored at Depot Bakery
 Deckchairs - got any unwanted ones? do get in touch!  id=

The Beanies Bike Ride is proving so popular that we are thinking we might have to limit numbers.  If you are thinking of going and haven't yet got in touch please do.  If we are over-subscribed it may be that we try to organise a second - maybe it'll become an annual event!

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