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Veg Box News 5th - 8th May

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Next week's boxes are slightly complicated owing to supply logisitics across the week so I'll give you separate lists for the extras for Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday/Friday.  Hope it's clear!!

A -

  • Potatoes 1.2kg - See below
  • Onions 0.4 kg
  • Carrots 0.6kg
  • Leeks 0.6kg
  • Spring Cabbage

Then Tuesday and Wednesday people will be getting the following

  • Broccoli 0.4kg
  • Courgettes 0.4

B's will get a Savoy Cabbage rather than Spring Cabbage and an Aubergine

D's will have 500g new potatoes and a Celery

E's will get an Aubergine, Cabbage and Tomatoes

While L's and M's will also get a Cucumber and a Pepper.


On Thursday and Friday it will differ slightly.  The base of the boxes is the same thus:

A -

  • Potatoes 1.2kg
  • Onions 0.4 kg
  • Carrots 0.6kg
  • Leeks 0.6kg
  • Spring Cabbage

but they will also get a Cauliflower and a bulb of Fennel or a Pepper

B's will receive a Celery in place of their potatoes

D's will get the new potatoes but also a head of Broccoli

E's will get the Broccoli and the Celery

L's and M's will receive a Kohl Rabi and a Cucumber.

All being well we're hoping that we will be using Rooster potatoes in the boxes this coming week.  Roosters are a flourier potato and so are particularly suited to roasting, chipping and mashing.  D boxes will also be getting a bag of new potatoes which will be featuring more regularly in the boxes over the coming weeks with the start of the new season.

Although the weather has turned a bit chilly again this last week you can tell that the growing season has started and any keen gardeners out there will be looking for plants and seeds.  Matt will be providing us with lots of organic veg plants over the next few weeks and we have already taken delivery of some courgette and tomato plants of different varieties.  He has reassured us that there will be plenty of Crown Prince Squash plants too in a while It has been a little bit tricky for him to be able to say absolutely what he will have available and when, so if you know what you would like it might be worth contacting us so that we can reserve things for you.  We will endeavour to save whatever it is you require.  Three different varieties of organic courgette plants  id=

While our window is still smashed we have had to draw the veg shelving forward a little which has made it difficult for customers to access our range of Italian seeds.  Do ask for assistance if you need anything.  Our range of organic seed packets is still fully accessible in the organic end of the veg shop.

In the conventional side we've just put loquats out on sale for the first time this year.  Spanish loquats  id=This is a Spanish import and is the first European fruit of the season.  they have a soft flesh with a slightly tougher skin that is edible although you might choose not to!  They have a slightly citrus-y tang but are not related to the citrus family and 'apparently' make a fine jam. 

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