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Veg Box News 28th Jan-1st Feb 2019

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Veg box recipe
Here are the contents of this week's boxes. All weights are approximate and contents may vary depending on availability.....
In the boxes this week:

A (T Box contents in brackets)
Potatoes-Red Cara 1.2kg (800g)
Onions 500g (300g)
Carrots 500g (300g)
Purple Sprouting Broccoli 400g (same)
Beetroot 600g (400g)
Pak Choi (same)
Peppers 200g (100g)

(plus 4 portions of fruit)

B's will get a punnet of Cherry Vine Tomatoes in place of the potatoes
G's are the same as A boxes apart from the Peppers will be replaced with Leeks 500g
D's will get a further 600g potatoes and Mushrooms 200g
E's will get a punnet of Cherry Vine Tomatoes, Mushrooms 200g and a Green Pepper
L's and M's will get these additions plus Leeks 500g


Apples-Braeburns 700g
Bananas 800g
Blood Oranges 700g
Avocados 300g
Pear-Conference 700g

Q's will also get Clementines 500g

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