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White Truffle Oil

Chrisby Chris, 5 yr, 1 m ago in Blog
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White Truffle Oil from the French Garden  id=We have recently taken delivery of some White Trufflle Oil, and in doing a little research I find that this oil is something of a bone of contention among celebrity chefs.  Gordon Ramsay has apparently been heard decrying on American Masterchef.  Further research shows that actually there are two different grades of white truffle oil - one, the cheap one, is made using low grade rapeseed or grapeseed oils and artifical flavourings to create the signature petrolly aroma; the second, the expensive type, is made using extra virgin olive oil and is altogether a better product.  Ours, I'm happy to say, is "reassuringly expensive" - to borrow a catchphrase - at £12.80 for a 250ml bottle and uses a blend of extra virgin and ordinary olive oils.  Obviously we hope you enjoy it and that it adds a different note to your cooking.

Here are some suggestions gleaned from the Interweb as to how to use it.  The trick seems to be to treat it as a garnish and avoid overheating it as this will impair it's flavour.

  • mix a little (very little) with honey and drizzle it over apple slices with brie and candied walnuts.
  • make a salad dressing out of it with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey.
  • drizzle it onto risotto.
  • add a splash over pasta or gnocci
  • put it on just about anything and it will be delicious. Truffle oil is wonderful.
  • drizzle it over hot chips or mini fried risotto balls.
  • a single drop in scrambled eggs or a Swiss cheese omelette, in cheese soufflé, in vinaigrette or in mashed potatoes.
  • remember, it can be very strong, with a powerful "petrol" smell - so take it easy.
  • it is fabulous over popcorn. pour a little into melted-but-somewhat-cooled butter, then toss with grated parmesan cheese
  • squish a clove of garlic into the butter/oil, too!
  • drizzle on roasted potatoes or a fresh baguette.
  • drizzle on Tomato soup with a little cheese.
  • add a drizzle to mushroom soup right before serving
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