Beanies’ Stock List

Below is a list of the products that we stock. We try to keep it as current as possible, but do be aware that it is not a live list. Prices may vary. 

You can browse by category, or if you’re looking for something specific, press Ctrl+F to use the find function (e.g. Washing up liquid). This should take you to that product quickly and easily. If there are two or more results, you can flick between them using the up and down arrows in the search bar.

Fresh bread

In addition to the ambient and chilled items listed above, we also have fresh bread delivered each day by The Depot Bakery and Gerry’s Bakery. Each Friday we also have a delivery of fresh bagels from Tower of Bagel.

The Depot Bakery:

Croissant – £1.75

Vegan Croissant – £1.80

Almond Croissant – £1.98

Danish – £2.50

Focaccia – £1.90

Ciabatta stick – £2.32

Sourdough Bloomer/Three Seeded Bloomer/New York Deli Rye – £3.30

Gerry’s Bakery:

White Loaf/”Hoolemeal”/Malted Grain/Cromwell Seeded – £3.10

Cheese and Marmite Loaf – £3.20

Dark Rye with Poppy Seeds – £3.30

Spelt Loaf – £4.50

Tower of Bagel:

Plain/Jalapeño/Olive/Onion and poppy seed – £1.20 or two for £2