Cheese and Vegan Che*se

This year, we’ve curated a selection of dairy and vegan che*ses to suit every taste bud and dietary requirement.

From a punchy organic Welsh blue to a soft, lemony goats’ cheese, via a Yorkshire Brie and a whole host of nut-based vegan che*ses, we’ve got your cheesboard sorted.

Christmas Cheese highlights

Barncliffe Brie and Barncliffe Blue Two of our most local cheeses, made just 20 miles from Beanies in Shepley by small producer Yorkshire Fine Cheeses.
Yorkshire Fettle
Pasteurised ewe’s milk. Yorkshire’s version of feta. Hand-salted to encourage the piquant, lemony flavour and slightly crumbly texture.
Flower Marie
Unpasteurised ewe’s mik. The name Flower Marie is inspired by a Corsican sheep cheese.  Mushroomy, sweet and slightly citrusy in flavour. As it ages, Flower Marie develops more intense flavours but also softens.
Snowdonia Red Storm
Pasteurised cow’s milk. Sweet and surprisingly complex flavour – a vintage Red Leicester with a crystalline nutty texture throughout.
Baking Cooleeney with Ceramic Dish
Pasteurised cow’s milk cheese from Ireland. It has a white mold rind, and mushroomy earthy taste with hints of grass and flowers.
Perl Las
Organic pasteurised cow’s milk from Caw Cenarth in Wales. Delicately salty and creamy with a lingering blue aftertaste.
Suffolk Gold Pasteurised cow’s milk. A creamy semi-hard farmhouse cheese, delicious flavour with a rich golden colour.
Quicke’s Goats Cheese
Pasteurised goat’s milk. Naturally matured, typically for 6 months. Vibrant, almondy, buttery.
Cropwell Bishop Mini waxed stilton
A mature cow’s milk cheese made in Nottinghamshire. 12 week aged Blue Stilton with a rich, tangy flavour and velvety soft texture.
Perl Wen
Organic pasteurised cow’s milk. Soft centre a fresh citrus flavour with a hint of sea salt.

Cheese Ordering Service

We are able to source a huge range of cheeses – more than we have space for in the shop. We operate a cheese ordering service all year round, but it could be especially useful at Christmas.

How it works:

Look at our list below, and get in touch with us for up to date price and availability info.

When you place an order we require a deposit of £3 per cheese, which will be deducted from the price of the cheese. You can order by phone or email

We will contact you when the cheese arrives.

All of these cheeses are vegetarian (we don’t stock or sell cheeses that aren’t), and almost all are made in the UK or Ireland.

If you are interested in larger sizes or bulk orders, please get in touch.