Vegan Che*se

This Christmas we’re bringing in vegan che*se from the ever-popular Tyne Chease, as well as a new range from the brilliant London-based I Am Nut OK.

If you’d like to reserve any of the following, please email us with ‘Vegan Che*se Reservation’ in the subject line.

Tyne Chease

Original/Garlic/Za’atar Spice/Sundried Tomato/Ethiopian Spiced/Smoked/Rosemary/Chive – £7.95

Truffle/Cranberry/Provencal/Applewood/Blueberry Oak – £8.95

Tyne Cheaseboard (10 mini cheases) – £18.95

I Am Nut OK

Bluffalo Notzarella
Miner threat
C’é dairy?

Also available:

Meltdown – £5.49

Nerominded – £7.29