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Beanies - Past and Present - A Tale from the Sixties

Chrisby Chris, 3 yr, 10 m ago in Blog
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An older gentleman came into the shop this afternoon looking for Sheffield Honey.
We got chatting and he told me that he had been away from Sheffield a long time but that he used to walk past the shop back in the 60’s, back when the shop was a ladies and gentlemen’s outfitters. Ladies one side and gentlemen the other.
I told him I had heard that and we looked at where the old doorway used to protrude into the veg room.
He said he was walking past one day with his very good friend Joe Cocker and he stopped in to buy a pair of Dress Trousers – they cost him £2 10s.

Joe Cocker 1970  id=Joe wanted to buy a Beatle’s suit they had on a mannekin in the window, but he didn’t have the money in those days. Always liked the Beatles, did Joe. And of course his first number one was “With A Little Help From My Friends”

The gentleman told me how he had a little house in Scarborough and that after Joe had been a success in the 60’s and 70’s he fell out of popularity and had no money so he let him use his house in Scarborough for a holiday and in return Joe painted his front window in his house in Crookes.

If you have a story about Beanies from the old days – or even before we were here – we’d love to hear it.

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