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Beanies is a busy wholefoods shop and greengrocers in Walkley. We've been going since 1986.



Our Shop

We sell fruit and vegetables (organic and non-organic), wholefoods, fresh bread, chilled and frozen produce, snacks and drinks, and continental and speciality foods including gluten-free and dairy-free. All of the products we sell are vegetarian or vegan.

We operate an organic fruit and vegetable box scheme. The boxes are available for delivery or collection.

The shop opening hours are:

Mondays – 10am – 7pm

Tuesdays – 9am – 7pm

Wednesdays – 9am – 7pm

Thursdays -9am – 7pm

Fridays – 9am – 8pm

Saturdays – 9am – 5pm

Sundays – 10am – 4pm




Our Cafe

Beanies Vegetarian Cafe now residing at 188 Crookesmoor Road! Selling a selection of cakes, soups and sandwiches made in house!

Our cafe is currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We hope to be open again as soon as is possible.

We're a Co-Operative

Beanies has a reputation as a provider of tasty, wholesome foods built on many years of experience. Our customers tell us what they like and dislike and we aim to source products and produce that will reflect their own interests and ideas. Many of our customers come to the shop in search of special ingredients to fit in with their own particular lifestyle choices and needs – vegetarians and vegans, people with food intolerances and health issues, people who have concerns about the way their food is produced and the impact it has on the environment and the global community.

Beanies is a 100% vegetarian shop. All the products you find in Beanies are vegetarian and many are vegan. All the Beanies co-op members are vegetarian or vegan, and so we can offer advice and ideas if you need any help!

Beanies holds organic certification from the Soil Association. We are regularly inspected by them, and we continue to maintain the high standards that are expected from us. This means that it can be guaranteed that when you buy organic produce from us it has met the Soil Associations requirements and is a quality organic product. Our organic status means that we will not sell anything that we know to contain genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

We stock a wide variety of exciting speciality foods that you won’t find anywhere else in Sheffield! We have a large range of vegan foods, gluten free foods, and other items for special diets. We also carry a range of unusual ingredients such as vital wheat gluten, coconut aminos, rice flour, different rices, grains, flour and spices!

We love to support and showcase small businesses from Sheffield, and often provide a first outlet for new and developing food producers in the city.

Beanies is a Workers Co-op. This means that we are all involved equally in the running of the business, and we all hold equal responsibility. The shop is our livelihood – and we all care passionately that the business is run ethically and efficiently. While looking in many ways like other small retail enterprises, our co-operative status makes Beanies a little different to conventionally managed businesses.

All our full time staff are directors (currently 10 with two in-training), who share the risks, responsibilities and management of the business equally. We don’t invest any finances to become a co-op member, nor do we take anything away financially other than our wage. We meet as a full co-op every fortnight (ish) and use the co-operative ideals of equality, democracy, mutual self-help and social justice to make all major decisions collectively. We do have different areas of management and expertise within the day-to-day running of Beanies, but we understand that these roles are all equally important and that no individual or role is above another. Individuals may come and go, bringing new skills and ideas, allowing the business to evolve and adapt.

We are proud to be a co-op, because for us co-ops are businesses built on values. The way that we run our business reflects the business itself – with ethical, social and environmental issues at our heart. Co-ops are resilient, dynamic and fulfilling places to work. Over the last year, the things we have achieved have really highlighted how effective co-operative working can be. We have moved to a brand new premises after 30+ years, opened a new cafe, grown our veg box scheme, and most recently responded to the Covid-19 crisis – all without ceasing trading for a single day, and providing full and part time work to all our staff.

We are very conscious of all the environmental issues surrounding packaging and waste products, and we recycle everything we can including paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and tetrapaks.

The boxes for our organic delivery scheme are re-used many times.

We do not offer plastic carrier bags in the shop you can use an old cardboard box or buy a re-usable cloth bag at a good price.

We work with local charities who are able to make use of produce and stock that is past it’s best, including Food Works and Food Cycle.

Any wastage from the vegetable shop is taken by our grower Matt at Sheffield Organic Growers and turned into compost. He uses this to grow organic fruits and veggies that we sell in the shop!

We sell many alternative food products for people with dairy, gluten and wheat intolerances as well as other specialist diets.

Sheffield’s first, longest running, best quality and best value organic delivery scheme is run by Beanies.

Sheffield’s first, longest running, best quality and best value organic delivery scheme is run by Beanies.

We sell a wide range of Fair-trade and ethical food products from chocolate to fairly traded bananas, rice, quinoa and dried tropical fruits.

As well as being a purveyor of specialist organic wholefoods – we are also a friendly local community shop; we have been supplying the locals with their fruit and veg for over 20 years!

Who we work with

An addition to working with a whole host of local growers and suppliers, we also support a number of other brilliant Sheffield-based food organisations, in a variety of ways.

These include:

S6 Foodbank

Open Kitchen Social Club

Food Works


The Archer Project

Beanies is a busy wholefoods shop and greengrocers in Walkley. A workers co-operative, Beanies has been selling wholesome, fresh produce since 1986.

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