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Ella - 5 minute interview

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How long have you been at Beanies?

About a year and a half.

Why did you join?

I needed a job! And I was a customer already, so I knew I liked the shop.

In what areas of the business do you predominantly work?

On the shop floor, and sometimes in the veg room.

What areas of the work particularly interest you?

I love getting the obscure veg in and have learnt about lots of new things since I've been here.

Has anything funny or dramatic happened to you in the shop?

A bird flew into my face while I was on the till - it was a bit of a shock.

What is your favourite ingredient that we stock?

Longley Farm cream, blood oranges, any of the bitter leaves - especially chicory.

What do you like to do with it?

Eat it all!

Your favourite recipe:

I love farls!  

Here's a link to Dan Lepard's Vegetable and Cider Farls

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