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Organic Box News 28th April - 1st May

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The Sun has been tempting us this last week into thinking Spring is around the corner, then when I got up to go to the market this morning I got a frosty shock.  Spring has been peeping into the shop though with the first asparagusNo other asparagus tastes quite as flavourful as UK grown (in my humble opinion)  id= arriving and the ridiculously expensive Jersey Royals.  New Potato International Kidney - better known as Jersey Royals - this was last year's price - they will come down but not there yet!  id=Prices have come down a little and will fall still further before they finish.

In the boxes we're still aiming to capitalise on what seasonal local veg is available while offering an interesting variety of produce.  Here's this week's list, (with the usual caveats).  (You can see that there is a variation in the recipe across the week but what you don't get this week you may well next!)....


A - 

  • Potatoes (Cosmos) 1.2kg .......... Cosmos is a good all-rounder and will boil, mash, bake and roast.  It's popular with organic growers as it shows good resistance to blight.
  • Carrots 0.6
  • Onions 0.5
  • Fennel (Tues/Wednesday) Finnochio! (that's fennel in Italian)  id=
  • Butternut Squash (Tues/Wednesday)
  • Courgettes (Thurs/Friday)
  • Flat Beans (Thurs/Friday)

B's will have Leeks instead of potatoes

D's will get a cauliflower in addition to extra potatoes

E's will get the leeks and a Red Pepper

L's and M's will get these additions and a lettuce

I don't tend to list the recipe for the fruit boxes as there are usually only one or two guest fruits alongside the staples of apples, oranges and bananas.  A welcome guest this week will be the first of the rhubarb.  Purists will of course take us to task for putting what is strictly a vegetable in the fruit boxes but then we often put tomatoes in the veg boxes and they are strictly fruit!  We're nothing if not flexible!  And please feel free to send us your savoury rhubarb recipes!

In fact please feel free to send us any recipes you would like to share!  We are always on the look out for great tried and tested tips.  My seasonal tip at the moment is to put a few spears of asparagus on top of your pizza before baking!  Delicious.... 


INTERESTING FACT: On the wholesale market Asparagus is usually known as 'Grass' which is short for 'Sparrow Grass' - early traders found the strange name difficult to pronounce and so came up with a close approximation which then became contracted.  Look out for the thin spears called Sprue, they are usually cheaper but in my opinion they taste better.

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