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Seed Potatoes from Beanies

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After something of a late start with seed potatoes last year owing to the bad weather, this year we are right on it.  Seed potatoes are now available in the shop and below is a list of available varieties.  Don't hesitate to ask for advice in choosing your varieties we have a couple of keen growers on the staff who would be more than happy to help.  Don't forget if you are a delivery customer you can add an order to your weekly delivery.

SEED POTATOES FROM BEANIES ... A wider range than last year, the price is down a little to £1.50 kg for all varieties. Certified virus- free seed and except for the ‘heritage’ varieties, organically grown.

First Earlies. Something to look forward to...  id=

Harvest late May to the end of July for ‘new’ potatoes.

  • COLLEEN ... A tasty, waxy variety with disease resistance.
  • MARIS BARD ... Good yields, size and cooking qualities. Popular.
  • PENTLAND JAVELIN ... Not so early but fine quality.

Second Earlies.

Harvest late July to September.

  • CHARLOTTE ... Our best seller. Excellent waxy fleshed salad type. Boil and sauté.
  • LINDA ... When the ‘owners’ of the breeding rights to this variety recently tried to remove it from sale (they had newer, more profitable varieties) there was an outcry among German potato fans. Find out what the fuss was about. Reputed to be waxy and very tasty.


For lifting and storing from September onwards when their skins are firm.

  • AMBO ... Tasty Cara/Desiree cross with pretty pink mottling, disease resistance and good flavour.
  • ARRAN VICTORY ... Floury flesh of excellent flavour for mashing and roasting. Purple skin. High yields if given a long growing season.
  • CARA ... Mild flavour. Attractive rounded tubers good for baking.
  • DESIREE ... Classic tasty red with yellow flesh. All-rounder.
  • REMARKA ... Needs plenty of water, but otherwise trouble free. Tasty, large tubers for baking and general use.
  • SARPO MIRA ... Pronounced ‘Sharpo’. Super blight resistant variety from Hungary. Great if you like really floury potatoes for mashing and roasting.

Heritage varieties.

  • SALAD BLUE ... But not a salad potato! Floury blue flesh.
  • HIGHLAND BURGUNDY RED ... Floury red flesh, good mash and chips.
  • YETHOLM GYPSY ... Fantastic red, white and blue skin. Creamy flesh.
  • YUKON GOLD ... 2nd early. Round tubers with buttery flavour. All purpose.
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