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Veg Box News 22nd-25th

Gemmaby Gemma, 2 yr, 6 m ago in Blog
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This week see’s the first of the new season red cabbage so time to dust off your favourite coleslaw recipe! (I’m sorry I’ve not been organised enough to seek out mine for you).

The Sheffield Organic Growers have another couple of mystery slots, beans courgettes and cuc’s featuring quite a bit and possibly some toms or herbs too for the bigger boxes! (I’m sorry we really don’t have a clue what is turning up and in what volume but we promise it will be nice!) . As they were so nice this week all the fruit boxes get UK Victoria Plums! The plums will be going in our new pulped paper punnets which we will hopefully be using from now on instead of plastic.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the plan for next week:


• Potatoes 1kg
• Carrots 500g
• Matt West Local Onions 400g
• Tuesday/Wednesday folks have Radish
• Thursday /Fridays have Pak Choi
• Red cabbage
• Pointy pepper x2
• Local Kale (assorted varieties)
• Matt West Mystery Slot (Likely to be either Courgette/Cucumber/Beans and hopefully different to whatever you got last week)

G's will have something to replace the red peppers

B's will have a lettuce

D's will have an extra 800g Pots and 2 UK sweetcorn!

E's will have a lettuce and a Matt West Mystery

L's and M's will have the previous additions and Pak Choi Tues/Weds and Radish Thurs/Friday


• Apples 600g
• Banana 600g
• Red Seedless Grapes 500g
• Plum punnet (450g ish)
• Grapefruit

Q's will have 3 oranges

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