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Veg Box News 26th - 29th January, 2016

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Firstly, apologies for late posting!

While there is still a plentiful supply of some UK grown lines, in order to keep a bit of variety this week we have included a few imports from Europe in the boxes. This results in A and G boxes being rather different in content this week so see below if you are a G box customer.

This year’s crop of UK onions has been in storage now for some weeks and you may find one or two are starting to decay inside. We do try to spot this and pick out any bad ones but it is sometimes difficult to tell until you cut into them. Do let us know if you have any problems – you can rest assured we won’t quibble about a credit on your bill! The same applies to any of the produce of course – just give us a ring (01142681662) or drop us an email (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) if there are any issues.UK onions - some have seen better days!  id=

A box

  • Pots 1.2kg
  • Carrots 500g
  • Onions 500g
  • Celery
  • Butternut
  • Turnips
  • Broccoli

B’s will get a Red pepper or a Pointy (Romero) Pepper

G’s will get a Bag of Kale, some leeks a punnet of Mushrooms and some Turnips in addition to the Potatoes Carrots and Onions

D’s will get an additional 700g Potatoes and a Bag of Kale

E’s will get a Red/Pointy Pepper and a Bag of Kale

L’s and M’s a January King


  • Apples 700g
  • Bananas .6
  • Clementines 500g
  • Lemon
  • Pears 500g
  • Gold Kiwi 300g

Q Avocados 300g and Oranges 500g

A Request

Thank you for returning your boxes! It does help us to keep financial and environmental costs down if we can use the boxes more than once. They do have a limited life of course and this is drastically shortened if they get soaked – so when you leave your boxes out for us can you protect them from the rain as best you can. For some people that means popping them in an outside shed or cupboard, others simply put them in a bin bag – anything to keep the rain off… Thanks!

A Second Request…

…specifically for Direct Debit customers
Many Direct debit customers opt to have their monthly notification by email rather than by letter for which we are very grateful. An email address saves us a significant amount each year and therefore helps to keep the costs down.

Just a word of warning though… the email notifications are generated automatically by the online Direct Debit system we use and if you reply to them in order to change your order or cancel your boxes those replies sometimes get overlooked in the general melée of emails coming into our Inbox and on one or two occasions customers have cancelled boxes which have subsequently been delivered because the email was missed. If you do reply using the notification email could you alter the subject line so that it stands out – if you know the name of your driver just mark it for their attention or with your delivery day.

Lucky ticket!!  id=Golden Ticket!

Do look out in your box for our first Golden Ticket.

As you will no doubt remember in honour of our 30th birthday we will be running various promotions throughout the year and the first of these is our January Golden Ticket. Find the ticket in your box and you will get that box free! Just let your driver have it back and he will adjust your bill accordingly.

There is also a Golden Ticket attached to an item of stock in the shop so if you’re in here doing your shopping and you find it you can claim that item as a free gift!

Seed Potatoes

We took delivery of our seed potatoes this week so check back soon as I will be posting a full list of all the varieties we have in stock.Organic Seed potatoes  id=


...are still in plentiful supply but will be coming to an end in the next few weeks.  If you'd like some adding to your order just give us a ring...

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