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Poetry Competition, 2016 - the RESULTS

Chrisby Chris, 3 yr, 1 m ago in News
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It is with great pleasure that we are now able to publish the winners of our poetry competition.

We invited submissions on the theme of feast to coincide with our 30th Birthday celebrations, and we have had some wonderful contributions in a wide variety of styles. All the entries were passed to Ian McMillan, the acclaimed Barnsley Bard who read them and selected his three favourites and so in reverse order here are those three winning entries.

Our very special thanks to Ian, to all who entered and especially to our winners who will receive a small token of our appreciation for their participation.

3rd place

Albania, 2000                Rachel Rowland

Come with me to a country

Mc Donalds has not yet invaded,

where even fast food is slow.
Your way lit by roadside carrots’ glow,
follow the trail of sleek green leeks
to warm your hands on a loaf
from a hole in the bakery wall.
Free from ties of black elastic
pink-tipped spinach, sweat it,
sweet as soil. Fill plastic bags
with flat-leaved parsley, coriander,...Fill plastic bags  with flat-leaved parsley...  id=
peppers in acrobatic poses,
tomatoes, beans, aubergines.
Catch the gleam of olives:
khaki, beige and black.
Crack eggs from hens that peck
and wander where they fancy
for the yellowest omelette of your dreams.
Approach the altars of cheese queens
for crumbly curds of creamy-white
and kaçkaval to fry in thick salt slices.
Meet me here, at dusk,
on this street corner,
to feast on fire-charred sweet corn,
and chestnuts, in pokes of propaganda.

ç is pronounced ch


2nd place

Street Food                      Joe Williams

When the new restaurant opened its doors,
the words on the window read Street Food.

I asked if the food was cooked in the street.
They said, ‘No, it is cooked in a kitchen.’

I asked if the food was served in the street.
They said, ‘No, it is served at a table.’

I asked in what way, could they say, this was street food.
They said, ‘Get out of my restaurant.’





And the winner is….

1st place                       

.…..feasts remembered                Jane Monach

on a warm summer day
by a Derbyshire stream
bowlfuls of berries
purple and red
stained thumbs and fingers
while songbirds dream

at the foot of Dore Mountain
on the Milford Track
a spoonful of syrup
from a rusty tin
found on a shelf
in an old wooden shack

on a French alpine slope
first bite of baguette
with butter and ham
thick slice of cheese
and shelter from rain
transforms the wet

in Reikyavik’s harbour
under dancing skies
sips of hot soup
root-vegetable-richsips of hot soup root-vegetable-rich slip down my throat  id=
slip down my throat
warm my insides

across dry Serengeti,
and its giraffe-strewn sweeps
a hard-boiled egg
from a rucksack corner
while the angular body
of a chameleon creeps

near to Scarriff island
whisky and soda bread
on the green Kerry coast
bright butter too
and plenty of craic
keep us well-fed

under Bryce Canyon’s pinnacles
in forty degrees
water, more water,
maybe a fruit bar
and stout walking shoes
to enjoy the screes

in the high thin air,
on volcanic ground
of Cotopaxi’s great peak
a red boiled sweet
boosts muscle rhythm
another breath found………..

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