August 2021

At Beanies, we love fresh fruit and vegetables – and that means we hate seeing it go to waste. We all know about the enormous amount of wastage that occurs across the food supply chain, from fresh produce being discarded because it’s slightly misshapen to supermarkets sending perfectly usable “out of date” food to landfill. […]

Part-Time At Beanies we promote organic, vegetarian and fairly-traded foods alongside a growing beauty and household section. We also run an organic veg box scheme serving over 600 customers.  We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and customer service and we are looking for an individual who shares the ethos upon which that reputation […]

Beanies is a busy wholefoods shop and greengrocers in Walkley. A workers co-operative, Beanies has been selling wholesome, fresh produce since 1986.

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