Chilli Pepper Pete

Chilli Pepper Pete is a local supplier which has been importing unusual dried chilles to Sheffield for over 20 years. They’re currently enjoying a hot spot (sorry not sorry) thanks to renewed interest in the variety, flavour and depth that dried chillies can offer. From mild varieties like ancho and mulato through to the fiery punch of de arbol and the super-hot naga ghost, Beanies carries a global selection of this most versatile ingredient.

Ottolenghi protégée Ixta Belfrage has boosted our awareness of chillies’ different characteristics in her vegan recipe series for The Guardian. Belfrage uses several different varieties in a single dish, in this case habanero, aleppo and chipotle (all stocked at Beanies), to generate a warm, complex flavour profile.

Chef, writer and Guardian stalwart Thomasina Miers recommends Chilli Pepper Pete as a supplier. As the author of Meat-Free Mexican, a Beanies staff favourite which features dried chillies in almost every dish, we’re happy to take her word for it!

Weight-for-weight we offer the best retail prices for unusual dried chillies, many of which can’t be found in supermarkets. At Beanies all Chilli Pepper Pete packs are £4.50. With something like a whole dried Ancho Chilli (80g) that works out at £5.62 per 100g compared to a whopping £10.80 from Ocado or £13 per 100g via Ottolenghi.

Pick up a Chilli Pepper Pete pack next time you visit Beanies and discover the gentle rattle of cascabel, the borlotti-like speckled piquin or the grassy punch of Sichuan bullet chillies.