Dave’s Three Generation Apple Chutney *Veganuary Bonus Recipe*

As our Veganuary recipe share comes towards its end, we’ve decided to share something rather special…

Here is Dave’s “Three Generation Apple Chutney”. The recipe (pictured) was hand-written by Dave’s grandmother, before being passed down to his mother, who made a few amendments. The recipe was then handed on to Dave, whose wife Rachel has made some tweaks of her own – hence, three generations! Simple to make and absolutely delicious. Sometimes the old ones really are the best…


1.6kg sour apples

225g onions

225g sultanas

450g brown sugar

7g salt

56g ginger

425ml malt vinegar


A heavy-based pan

Muslin cloth

Sterilised jars for storage

  1. Rinse the ginger and tie in muslin.
  2. Chop up (or mince) all the ingredients
  3. Bring to the boil and simmer for two hours, stirring frequently, until the liquid has boiled off. Remove the ginger.
  4. Pot and seal in sterilised jars. Allow to mature for approximately 3 months.