Cheese ordering service

All of these cheeses are vegetarian (we don’t stock/sell cheeses that aren’t), so almost all of are made the UK or Ireland (French cheese in particular tends not to be).

There may be a delay on some cheeses as some of our suppliers deliver weekly & some cheeses require pre-ordering.

Highlighted cheeses are in stock in the shop, so usually don’t need ordering, but can still be reserved.

Prices vary by weight and season but you can get an idea of pricing by searching online. We can call you to confirm the prices before we place your order if you wish.

If you are interested in larger sizes/bulk please get in touch.

When you place the order with us we will require a deposit of £3 per cheese. You can order by phone or email

When the cheeses arrive we will contact you let you know, and take the balance of payment.

British Pasteurised cow’s milk

Carron Lodge Mature Coloured Cheddar 454g

Carron Lodge Mature White Cheddar 454g

Carron Lodge Mild White Cheddar 454g

Carron Lodge Mild Coloured Cheddar 454g

Cheshire Cheese Co Black Bob Mature 200g

Coastal Cheddar 360g

Dambuster 200g

Dewlay Mature White Cheddar 200g

Dewlay Mild Red Cheddar 200g

Dewlay Mild White Cheddar 200g

Heart of Lincolnshire Mature Cheddar Hearts 200g

Just Jane Mini 200g

Little Lincoln Imp 250g

Little Lincoln Imp 500g

Snowdonia Little Black Bomber 200g

Vintage Cheddar Gorge Portions 190g

Yorkshire Cheddar 15 Months 200g

Godminster Oak Smoked (organic) 200g

Godminster Organic Cheddar and Black Truffle 200g

Godminster Organic Heart 400g

Godminster Organic Heart 200g

Godminster Organic Vintage Cheddar Round 400g 

Godminster Organic Vintage Cheddar Round 200g 

Carron Lodge Wensleydale 454g

Bobs Knobs / Volcano (Organic) 400g

Bobs Knoblets (organic) 200g

Carron Lodge Creamy Lancashire 454g

Carron Lodge Crumbly Lancashire 454g

Carron Lodge Double Gloucester 454g

Carron Lodge Red Leicester 454g

Carron Lodge White Cheshire 454g

Cheshire Cheese Co Cheshire 200g

Dewlay Creamy Lancashire 200g

Dewlay Crumbly Lancashire 200g

Dewlay Double Gloucester 200g

Dewlay Red Leicester 200g

Double Yorkshire 7 Months200g

Grandma Singletons Tasty Portions 150g

Shorrocks Lancashire Bombs 460g 5.85

Shorrocks Lancashire Bombs 200g 4.45

Quickes Devonshire Red Portions 150g

Quickes Double Devonshire Portions 150g

Singletons Wensleydale 200g

Singletons White Cheshire 200g

Yorkshire Red 7 Months 200g

Yorkshire Wensleydale 500g

Yorkshire Wensleydale Waxed Truckle 200g

Tuxford and Tebbutt Stilton Wedge 160g

Long Clawson Stilton Wedge 220g

Cropwell Bishop Stilton Wedge 150g

Black Crowdie 500g

Caboc 110g

Cotherstone 454g

Blue Shropshire Portions 150g

Shepherds Purse Bluemin White 170g

Burts Blue 180g

Cambridge Blue 250g

Cenarth Brie 200g

Chatel Brie 200g

Cricket St Thomas Camembert 220g

Drunken Burt 180g

Garstang White 200g

Shepherds Purse Harrogate Blue 180g

Lancashire Blue 250g

Oxford Blue 300g

Oxford Isis 200g

Perl Las Blue Mini (organic) 450g

Perl Las Blue Mini (organic) 200g

Perl Wen Mini (organic) 200g

Skegness Blue 130g

St Endellion Brie 200g

St Endellion Camembert 200g

Stinking Bishop Baby 500g

Suffolk Blue 150g

Suffolk Gold200g

Sussex Charmer 100g

Wensleydale Blue Portions 140g

Shepherds PurseYorkshire Blue Cows 180g

Yorkshire Dama Squeaky 220g

Oakwood Smoked 400g


Barkham Blue Baby 300g

Cotswold Blue Brie (organic) 320g

Royal Bassett Blue 200g

Croxton Manor Stilton Wedge 450g

Cotswold Organic Brie 260g

Cotswold Organic Smoked Brie 140g

Finn 200g

Keltic Gold 350g

Little Colonel 235g

Solstice 200g

Somerset Camembert 220g

Winslade 230g

Clava Smoked Brie (organic) 250g

Lady Mary 200g

Paddy’s Milestone 200g

Strathearn 250g

Leagrams Organic Mature Lancashire 250g

Leagrams Organic Creamy Lancashire 250g (or 350g truckle)

Leagrams Organic Crumbly Lancashire 250g (or 350g truckle)

Leagrams Organic Lancashire Smoked 250g

Leagrams Organic Cheddar 250g

Leagrams Organic Double Gloucester 250g

Leagrams Organic Red Leicester 250g

Leagrams Organic Wensleydale 250g

Leagrams Organic Soft Cheese (curds) 150g

Highweald Dairy Ashdown Foresters Organic 150g

Highweald Dairy Ashdown Foresters Organic Oak Smoked 150g

Highweald Dairy Organic Brighton Blue 150g

Highweald Dairy Organic Brother Michael 150g

Highweald Dairy Organic Saint Giles 150g

Highweald Dairy Organic Sussex Marble (Saint Giles with garlic & parsley) 150g

Highweald Dairy Organic Tremains 150g

Pextenement Cheese Co Devil’s Rock Organic 233g/400g

Pextenement Cheese Co Pike’s Delight Organic 150g

Pextenement Cheese Co East Lee Organic 175g

Pextenement Cheese Co Pexo-Blanco Organic (paneer-style) 200g

Pextenement Cheese Co Pexommier Organic Yorkshire Brie 167g

Twineham Grange (Parmesan-style) 150g

Lye Cross Organic Medium/Mature/Vintage Cheddar 245g

Lye Cross Organic Red Leicester 245g

Lye Cross Organic Double Gloucester 245g

British Unpasteurised cow’s milk

Cave Matured Cheddar Gorge Portions 190g

Cote Hill Blue Mini 300g

Golden Cenarth 200g

Elmhirst Baby 300g

Maida Vale 350g

Waterloo 350g

Loch Arthur Farmhouse 227g

Loch Arthur Farmhouse Caraway (organic) 227g

The Ethical Dairy Organic Carrick 150g

The Ethical Dairy Organic Cheddar 150g

The Ethical Dairy Organic Laganory 150g

The Ethical Dairy Organic Rainton Tomme 150g

The Ethical Dairy Organic Fleet Valley Blue 150g

Organic Botton Village Creamery Quark 250g

Organic Botton Village Creamery Dale End Cheddar 250g/500g

Organic Botton Village Creamery Summer Field 250g/500g

British pasteurised goat’s milk

Capricorn 100g

Nannykins Goats (organic) 180g

Pantysgawn 125g

Quickes Goat Portions 150g

Rosary Garlic & Herb 100g

Rosary Goats Ash 275g

Rosary Goats Log Mini 100g

Kidderton Ash 150g

Raven’s Oak (Whitehaven) Brie 150g

Glazert 250g

Leagrams 250g

British unpasteurised goat’s milk

Cerney Goats 200g

Golden Cross Log with Ash 250g

Ashlynn 200g

Blanche 200g

Bosworth Ash 150g

Cerney Ash 300g

Clara 200g

Driftwood Ash 215g

Golden Cross 225g

Luna 150g

Tor Ash Pyramid 200g

Trufflyn 200g

British pasteurised sheep’s milk

Katie’s White Lavender 6x150g

Quickes Ewes Milk Portions 150g

Ramshackle (organic) 180g

Yorkshire Fettle Portions 150g

Pave Cobble 200g

Leagrams 250g

Highweald Dairy Organic Little Sussex 80g

Highweald Dairy Organic Medita (feta-style) 125g

Highweald Dairy Organic Seven Sisters 125g

Highweald Dairy Organic Sussex Slipcote 100g

Highweald Dairy Organic Sussex Slipcote garlic & herb 100g

Woodlands Dairy Melbury 140g

British unpasteurised sheep’s milk

Flower Marie 225g

Norfolk White Lady Ewes Milk 200g

Wigmore 350g

British buffalo milk

Shipston Blue Buffalo 850g

Laverstoke Park Farm Organic Buffalo Mozzarella 125g

Laverstoke Park Farm Organic Buffalo Bocconcini 125g

Laverstoke Park Farm Organic Buffalo Gouda 350g

Shepherds Purse Buffalo Blue 180g

Flavoured British pasteurised cheeses

Carron Lodge Charcoal Briquette 220g

Fountains Gold Cheddar with Caramelised Onions 2 00g

Cheshire Cheese Co. Caramelised Onion & Rioja 200g

Cheshire Cheese Co. Charcoal Cheddar 200g

Cheshire Cheese Co. El Gringo 200g

Cheshire Cheese Co. Irish Whiskey, Stem Ginger 200g

Cheshire Cheese Co. Jamaican Jerk Sauce & Garlic Sauce 200g

Cheshire Cheese Co. Lemon & Gin 200g

Cheshire Cheese Co. Old Hag Wincle Ale & Mustard 200g

Cheshire Cheese Co. Sticky Toffee Heaven 200g

Lancashire cheese garlic bulbs (organic) 110g

Lymn Bank Caramalised Red Onion Barrel 145g

Lymn Bank Cracked Black Pepper Barrel 145g

Lymn Bank Hot & Spicy Barrel 145g

Lymn Bank Tomato & Basil Barrel 145g

Lymn Bank Traditional Apple Smoked Barrel 145g

Fountains Gold with Riggwelter Black Sheep Ale 200g

Shorrocks Cracked Black Pepper Bomb 230g

Shorrocks Garlic & Herb Bomb 230g

Shorrocks Hot Chilli Bomb 230g

Shorrocks Red Onion Bomb 230g

Shorrocks Smoked Bomb 230g

Shorrocks Strawberry & Champagne Bomb 230g

Shorrocks Vintage Gold Bomb 230g

Shorrocks Whiskey Bomb 230g

Snowdonia Amber Mist 200g

Snowdonia Beechwood (Smoked Cheddar) 200g

Snowdonia Bouncing Berry 200g

Snowdonia Ginger Spice 200g

Snowdonia Green Thunder 200g

Snowdonia Natures Nectar 200g

Snowdonia Pickle Power 200g

Snowdonia Red Devil 200g

Snowdonia Red Storm 200g

Snowdonia Ruby Mist 200g

Snowdonia Truffle Trove 150G

Wensleydale & Cranberry 200g

Yorkshire Wensleydale & Apricot 200g

Yorkshire Wensleydale & Ginger 200g

Yorkshire Dama Squeaky 220g – various flavours

Black Crowdie 110g/500g

Leagrams Lancashire Organic w/ apricot 250g

Leagrams Lancashire Organic w/ cranberries 250g

Leagrams Lancashire Organic w/ garlic 250g

Leagrams Lancashire Organic w/ ginger 250g

Leagrams Lancashire Organic w/ red onion 250g

Leagrams Lancashire Organic w/ wholegrain mustard 250g

Irish pasteurised

Cashel Blue (cows) 175g 

Cashel Blue Portion (cows) 350g 

Cooleeney (cows) 200g 

Gortnamona (goats) 190g

Crozier Blue (sheeps) 750g


Halloumi (pasteurised sheep’s & goat’s mixed – Cyprus) 250g

Cow’s mozzarella (pasteurised cow’s – Italy/Germany) 125g

Mini Cambozola (cow’s – Germany) 150g

Feta (pasteurised goat’s and sheep’s – Greece) 200g

Barrel aged Feta (pasteurised goat’s and sheep’s – Greece) 200g

Grilling cheese (cows – various) 200g

Bergerie Petit Brebis organic (pasteurised sheep’s – France) 100g

Gjetost (pasteurised mix of cow and goat’s – Norway) 250g

Epui Mascarpone (pasteurised cow’s – Italy)250g

Epui Ricotta (pasteurised cow’s – Italy) 250g