curry and rice laid out in tupperware boxes, viewed from above

Beanies in Zero Waste Food Networks

Fighting food waste and food poverty is a crucial part of the Beanies ecosystem. It’s a radically different approach from that of supermarkets, who send huge volumes of edible food to landfill each year because they don’t (and won’t) have networks set up to manage waste. At Beanies, bins are for recycling and food is for eating!

Refugee Council Allotment Update

In September 2021, five brave Beans ran the Sheffield half marathon to raise money for essential equipment for the refugee council allotment in Roe Woods. On Wednesday, a permanent polytunnel was installed at the allotment, bought entirely with sponsorship money! The delay in construction was attributable to a surge in demand for greenhouses and polytunnels during the Covid-19 lockdowns, the …

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Plastic Free July

By Anika Stephens What is plastic free July? Plastic free July is a global movement that encourages people to cut down on the amount of plastic they use. Whether it’s completely cutting out plastic for a month or just trying to cut down the amount of single use plastic you would normally buy. Anybody can be …

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Why Organic?

Whilst there are many things to be grateful for living in the UK on a pleasant Spring day, you would have to be living under a rock not to see that there are increasingly tough times ahead for many people. Inflation is continuing to rise and is predicted to last for years rather than months. People …

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Seed Potatoes 2022

It’s that time of year again. If you fantasise about sitting down this summer to a delicious plate of potato salad starring home grown spuds, now’s the time to get planning. Thanks to Matt, we have a wide variety of organic seed potatoes in, and they’re all certified disease free. Read below for more detailed …

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Solar Panels!

You may have noticed that Beanies has been adorned with scaffolding this week. That’s because we’re currently having solar panels installed on the roof!  The work is being carried out by Chris and his team at Homeco Energy, and should be completed this week. The panels are another important step in our efforts to make …

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Cheese ordering service

All of these cheeses are vegetarian (we don’t stock/sell cheeses that aren’t), so almost all of are made the UK or Ireland (French cheese in particular tends not to be). There may be a delay on some cheeses as some of our suppliers deliver weekly & some cheeses require pre-ordering. Highlighted cheeses are in stock …

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