Refugee Council Allotment Update

In September 2021, five brave Beans ran the Sheffield half marathon to raise money for essential equipment for the refugee council allotment in Roe Woods. On Wednesday, a permanent polytunnel was installed at the allotment, bought entirely with sponsorship money!

The delay in construction was attributable to a surge in demand for greenhouses and polytunnels during the Covid-19 lockdowns, the effects of which are still being felt. Having waited for so long, it was a real thrill this week to receive photos from the allotment of the polytunnel being built, and to hear from Emma – the volunteer organiser – about the impact that the polytunnel will have on those using the plot.

Thanks again to all of you who sponsored Bob, Esther, Heather, Rachael and Sarah back in 2021. Your donations have helped to improve a space that is vital for the mental health and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable folks in