Rosie’s Garlic Scape Pesto and ‘Sticks’

GARLIC SCAPES I hear you cry!! What are these? Well…let me tell you – these beautiful little tendrils are the stalks that grow from the bulbs of hardneck garlic plants…basically, a biproduct of the dried garlics that will start to appear from Matt and El later in the season. And what a wonderful bonus these are!

I quickly squirreled away some garlic scapes when they first appeared in the shop, as they are a sought-after delicacy with a relatively short season! I whipped up a quick raw pesto by blitzing the stalks with olive oil, walnuts, lots of lemon juice and some nutritional yeast. The flavour from the scapes is subtler than both its fresh garlic cousin and wild garlic uncle(?!), but still gives you a powerful enough taste to penetrate any pasta dish. As for the remaining scapes (and this is where it gets really exciting) I griddled the rest on a high heat with a smidge of oil until they were charred and soft, which gave them the same texture and appearance as asparagus! So whilst the asparagus season is over, you can still achieve a similar sensation with these odd little garlic wisps.